We want to facilitate Mentor/Disciple relationships.
Mark 3:14 says that Jesus “appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach.”  Jesus understood how important relationships were in developing those who would carry on with the work that He had begun. 


Spiritual Accountability and Leadership Training

  Small groups of men and women meet weekly to study, pray, and fellowship together.  This provides the accountability that is needed in order to develop the disciplines of the Christian life—daily quiet time; Bible memory; an effective prayer life; journaling; and lifestyle evangelism.    Each group meets for a total of about 48 weeks spread over a  year-and-a-half.   Our prayer and sincere desire is that those who successfully complete SALT will then pair up with someone else who has completed it, and begin their own  SALT group.   We believe that God wants us to not only make disciples, but make disciple-makers.