February 26, 2021

It’s been encouraging over the last few weeks to see the number of Covid cases decreasing both in Oconee County and nationwide.  This can be attributed to a couple of factors.  First, more people have gotten Covid so this is pushing us closer to the herd immunity (something that at least one expert predicted we will reach by the end of April.  Who knows??).  And of course, the vaccine has certainly helped move us in this direction.  Now as we witness the decline in the number of Covid cases, this obviously doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over.  The reality is that Covid will be with us for quite some time – maybe even years (just like the seasonal flu).  But it does help us to breathe a little easier and not be as uptight or fearful about catching this virus.  And hopefully, the fact that things are moving in the right direction will encourage more people to return to church and resume worshiping in person.  I’m so glad that we have been able to stream our worship services, but as you well-know, there’s nothing like being with God’s people and worshiping Him together.

Last week we saw an uptick in the number of people who came to our worship services and that was exciting.  It’s still not crowded, but as more of our people are vaccinated, we will see those numbers grow.  We still want to be considerate of one another in both services and not make anyone feel uncomfortable by how we interact with them.  But if you are still a little gun-shy about being around people, then let me encourage you to consider coming to the 9:00 am service.  We only had 45 people in this service last week, so there is plenty of room to spread out.  And remember, you are free to wear a mask if that makes you feel a little safer

Now I realize that some may not yet feel comfortable returning to church and we certainly respect that.  We will continue streaming the service and you can continue to join us online.  But I would like for you to ask yourself this:  At what point will I feel comfortable going back to church?  What conditions will have to be met?  As I mentioned earlier, Covid will in all probability be around for a long time, so if you wait till it’s completely gone, you will be worshiping online for some time.  And keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to Covid.  Even with the vaccine, there is no guarantee that you will not get the virus.  So at what point do we step out and say, “God, my health and life are in your hands.  I’m going back to church – I need to be with your people – and I trust you to bring to fruition your purpose and plans for my life.”?  May God direct each of us as we seek to do His will.

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