July 17, 2020

Who are you keeping up with from church? When is the last time you had a good, meaningful conversation with someone from church? I know that with all the “social distancing”, meaningful fellowship with others in the body has taken a big hit and I know all of us miss that – A LOT! Many are still live-streaming worship on Sunday, so we don’t get to see them (and we miss them). But even those who come on Sunday are encouraged to keep their distance, so that enjoying one another becomes a little more challenging. So how do we do what we are commanded to do in Scripture – love and care for others in the body of Christ? Do we simply put fellowship on hold until such time that we can all meet together again? Do we wait until Covid-19 is a thing of the past (which could be a long way off)? The reality is that we need each other – we need to be in fellowship with other believers – and our spiritual (and emotional) health really depends on this. So how can we preserve that close- knit fellowship that Crossgate has been known for? Let me suggest one thing that I think can make a difference.  It’s really a “no-brainer”; couldn’t be any more simple. The solution I have in mind is simply using that little gadget we call the phone. What could be easier than calling people to check on them? When is the last time you called someone from church just to check on them and see how they were doing? Does that seem strange to you or a little weird? Well, it’s not. It may take you out of your comfort zone a little, but that’s not a bad thing. Let me ask you something – How would you feel if someone called you and asked how you were doing and how they could be praying for you? More than likely, you would appreciate the fact that they thought enough about you to reach out to you in this way. Well, if you would feel this way, why not make an effort to help others feel special? And Men, you can (and ought to) do this just as well as women. It may not come as easy for you, but I would encourage you to engage in this kind of “fellowship-outreach”.  So let me encourage you to pray about making one phone call this week (and each week thereafter) to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Ask the Lord to show you whom He would have you reach out to. I believe if we will do this, we can refresh and encourage each other and continue to enjoy some sweet fellowship together. Let’s not allow Covid-19 to weaken the bonds of love at Crossgate.

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