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This Sunday will feel very different given the wise encouragements from our government agencies to “shelter in place” and “avoid gatherings.” From our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or porches though, we still want to come before the face of the Lord our God to worship Him, especially during this time. After all, He is the One who heals, protects, comforts, and rescues, the One in whom we hope, and He is worthy!

A little over a month ago, in God’s good providence, Crossgate installed the technology that allows us to live stream our worship service. We wanted to allow those who were home bound and so forth to still participate with us. Little did we know this would soon be our whole congregation, as we seek to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

We want to encourage you all to join us for worship from home through our live stream. It will begin shortly before our normal worship time at 10:45am, and you can access it through the link on our homepage or directly from our YouTube channel.

We will sing, pray, hear God’s Word and worship Him as we always do. It may feel a little odd to sing from your kitchen counter or in front of your TV, but we encourage you to participate as fully as you can. May it be a good reminder to us of the Biblical truth that each week we actually worship together with an unseen and innumerable group – Christians around the world, believers who have already passed before us into glory, and all the heavenly hosts! God hears and unites all our worship and He is always present with us.

Though these are difficult circumstances, God is surely working within it. We want you to see this as an opportunity to invite other friends and neighbors to join us online as well. For some their normal churches may not have this capability. For others it may be a time when they are more aware of the need to look to God. All are welcome. We want God to be glorified in this and every situation.

The upcoming weeks and months will involve a lot of adjustments for us all. As we continue our aim of “growing true disciples,” we will be looking at the best ways to adapt the ministries of the church too. “I will build my church,” Jesus said, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” … and neither will a coronavirus. 

Let us all look to the Lord in all things, pray for one another, pray for the world right now.  Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.  And love your neighbor as yourself.

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  1. Barbara Nilsson says:

    Thank you, Tom. The above message is uplifting and glorifies our great God.

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