November 6, 2020

Well, the election is finally over – well, kinda.  Who knows how long it will be before we actually know who won the presidential election?  I know that it “seems” that Biden has won;  he’s certainly getting close to that magic number of 270.  And if he does win, then we need to begin praying for him as Scripture tells us to do.  But to be honest, I’m not throwing in the towel yet and not ready to concede.  God has a way of showing up in the eleventh hour – when all hope seems to be lost.  I think of the Israelites when they came to the Red Sea and the Egyptian army was breathing down their backs.  God provided an escape in just the nick of time.  So, I will continue praying about this election until a winner is declared, and then I will pray for the winner, whoever it is.

But even as we are in the throes of this election cycle, let me remind you that the solution to all the societal ills that we face today is not going to be found in politics.  Politics can only do so much.  But one thing it can’t do is change the hearts of people, and that, of course, is the source of all our problems.  Racism, sexism, greed, lawlessness, etc – all stem from hearts that are darkened by sin and in rebellion against God.  If we really want to see permanent changes take place in our culture, we need to be as enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel as millions have been about their political candidate.  We need to understand that it is the Gospel of Jesus that is the power of God unto salvation and it is that power that is able to radically change the hearts of people.

So regardless of who wins the election, our mission doesn’t really change.  If you are a true disciple of Jesus, God has entrusted to you the responsibility and privilege of sharing the Good News with those around you and doing so you can help change the world.  Millions of Christians have been praying about this election for months now.  Now that the election is over (or just about) we need to continue praying for our leaders, but more importantly, for a great harvest of souls – for true revival to break out in our churches, homes and in our country.  God is on His throne and continuing to work to build and establish His church, and we have the awesome privilege of joining Him in this work.  Te Deum Gloria!!

3 Responses to “November 6, 2020”

  1. Dave and Carolyn Glick says:

    Amen, Tom. Thank you!

  2. Paula gray says:

    Hello pastor Tom,
    I have been looking and praying about this election
    So much and wanting a just out come.
    Forgetting that our Lord Jesus is the final judge in all this. We humans mess it up. Thank you for your words, they were from the voice of reason.
    God bless you .

  3. Kim Jackson says:

    Thank you for such an encouraging word. Love the scripture as well.

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