October 2019

As I have been preaching this series on the family, I have certainly been convicted of my shortcomings as both a husband and a father. The Lord has preached these sermons to me and convicted my own heart before I ever stand up on Sunday morning.  So I don’t want anyone thinking that I, as the preacher, have it all together and you need to get it together as well.  Listen, what God calls us men to do as Heads-of-Home is not our natural inclination. I understand that.  We’d rather not be the spiritual leader in the home.  We’d rather not be the ones who are responsible for moving our family on to God’s agenda.  BUT – sorry – that’s the position that God has placed us in.  And try as we may to worm our way out of this and perhaps relegate this responsibility to our spouse, the fact is, that we are the ones that God will hold accountable for what takes place in our family.  
And so  I encourage all of you men to humbly submit to God’s authority in your life on this issue.  Accept your responsibility, even though you may feel wholly inadequate, and ask God to enable you by His Spirit to be a godly leader in your home and a man that can say to his wife and children and even grandchildren  “follow me as I follow Christ.”
None of us are going to be perfect leaders; we won’t even come close.  We are going to fail; not just once or twice, but many times.  But here’s the good news.  When we fall short of what we should be, there is certainly forgiveness for those who will confess and repent of their sin.  But more than that, God will pick us up and set us on our feet and encourage/enable us to walk in His ways.  My point is simply this:  becoming a spiritual leader doesn’t just happen overnight;  it is a process that we must persevere in.  It is, as Eugene Peterson puts it, “a long obedience in the same direction.”  And so I encourage you men:  don’t just try this spiritual leadership out to see how you like it.  Embrace it as your calling from God and trust Him to work in and through you powerfully for the good of your family and the glory of His name.

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