October 22, 2021

How important is prayer to you?  How important do you think prayer ought to be at Crossgate?  If we decided not to pray about the various ministries of the church and instead, just worked hard to have programs that were helping people to grow spiritually, do you think it would matter?  Interesting questions, aren’t they?  I know probably all of you would say that prayer is indeed important – or at least, ought to be.  And I’m pretty sure that most of you would say that prayer ought to be an important, if not central ministry in any church that is hoping to be used by God.  

Well, this coming Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm you’ll have an opportunity to make it known how you feel about these things.  We’re going to have a prayer meeting and we are inviting everyone to come and spend time together praying about the various ministries of the church along with other concerns and needs that may be on your heart. 

In the past, we have had a weekly prayer meeting in which a dozen or so people met to pray.  With the beginning of our Community Groups, we decided that we would encourage each group to pray for one or two ministries each time they met, and then we would have a church-wide prayer meeting on the last Tuesday of each month.  And so this coming Tuesday is the last Tuesday in October (I know it is hard to believe) and we would love to have a lot of you join us as we worship the Lord and join our hearts before His throne of grace.  We need this time together!  We need to seek the Lord and His face so that He might bless us and He might use us in a powerful way to promote His glory!

I know what some of you are thinking – “I can’t pray in a group” or it might be that you just don’t like to pray in a group.  Either way – I’ve heard this a zillion times over the years.  But what most people don’t realize is that this excuse is nothing more than Satan’s way of weakening the church by keeping her from her power source.  There really is power in prayer, and there really is weakness when prayer is neglected.  Listen, no one is going to force you to pray out loud.   But even if you don’t pray out loud, you can still listen and you can still pray silently along with others.  So would you take an hour out of your week – out of your month – to pray with us.  Hope you will and I can guarantee you, it will be a special time together. 

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