Our NEW Small Group Ministry

A number of you have asked about our Focus Groups and whether or not we would be starting these up again.  I know that everyone has missed the community that we enjoyed in these groups prior to the pandemic.  Covid-19 has certainly forced us to think a little differently about ministry and how we approach it.  We’ve certainly had to make some changes on Sunday morning, and now we are going to be tweaking the way we do small groups.  We believe the changes that we are making will not only provide a little more safety and security, but also promote a deeper level of fellowship with one another.  Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  • The new groups will be called Community Groups because the focus will be developing community within the body of Christ (one of our core values)
  • The groups will be smaller – from 6-10 people (10 being the Max)
  • The groups will have a lot of flexibility in terms of when and where they meet.  Some may meet weekly, every other week, etc.  Can meet at night, during the day, etc.
  • We can have virtual groups if the need/desire is there.
  • The Facilitator of the group will invite people to meet with him.  
  • Each person in the group will be asked to prepare for the meeting by reflecting on what God has been doing in his/her life in the past week, and by reading a passage of Scripture that the group will be discussing.
  • These groups will meet for a specific period of time (thru November?) and then will form new groups at the first of the year.

We need to know if you are interested in being a part of a group like this.  If you are, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK AND GIVE US THE INFO WE NEED.  Someone will contact you about being in their group.

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