Reflections with David Story

Well, this time a year ago we were having our Missions Conference, our last worship service before the world came to a screeching halt, with things shutting down left and right in reaction to the spreading pandemic. What an unexpected turn of events! And what a year it has been.
It brings a fresh perspective on the Biblical phrase from James 4, “you do not know what tomorrow will bring.” How little any of us knew then of what would come! 
It is worth looking back though now and reflecting on the path the Lord has brought us down. How often Scripture tells us to remember, and to remember the Lord! 
How have you grown? How have you also languished? What were things that have most challenged you? And were there unexpected things that encouraged you? What have these events exposed for you? Have you grown closer to the Lord or drifted further away? What lessons have you learned that you want to remember?
While we all may have different answers to these questions, the main thing I would encourage you to remember is that the Lord has been in it. He has had His purposes in it, and He has been with us in it, leading us through both pleasant and difficult times. And even now the Lord is working in us and in history for the glory of His name. 
Whatever other lessons you may have learned, I hope we all remember these two: that we need God desperately and that we need one another continually as well. 
At times, we wish we could push the veil to the side and see a little bit into the future (when will the pandemic be over? what else is coming?), but it remains unknown to us. As we take the time to reflect and look back though, we can face the future in faith, remembering that the Lord will be in it. 

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