September 2019

Well, our new Ministry Year is about to get into full swing beginning September 8th.  On this particular day, our new CGC classes will begin for adults, youth and children.  You’ll have two adult classes to choose from.  Don Nilsson will resume his class on Church History, picking up at around 1000 AD, and David Story will teach a class on the Book of Proverbs.  Joe Chapa will be teaching the Shorter Catechism to our youth so you don’t want your youth to miss this.
And let me give a big plug once again for our Children’s and Youth CGC.  There is a tendency for parents to be a little slack when it comes to CGC (our Sunday School).  Parents would never allow their children to miss a school day because their children were sleepy or because the parents just felt a need for some time as a family.  School is one of those non-negotiables; it is a priority for everyone!  Why should the Christian Education of a child be any less important?  Parents who don’t take advantage of this opportunity to have their children taught God’s Word are squandering a great opportunity to help their children develop a solid spiritual foundation – something that many, if not most, children lack in our day.
Then, of course, we have our Focus Groups that will be firing up and getting into high gear the week of the 8th.  We hope you will commit to being a part of one of these groups.  In fact, if you are a member of Crossgate, we really expect you to be.  When you join Crossgate, we ask you to commit to being a part of our 3 Core Ministries:  Sunday worship service; CGC and Focus Groups.  There are a lot of other things going on in the church – a lot of opportunities to grow and serve – but these three ministries are foundational to all that we’re trying to do.  So please follow through on your commitment to “support the worship and work of the church to the best of your ability.” 
I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for us this coming year.  We have some great teams that are diligently working to help us all grow as true disciples of Jesus!  Let’s be praying that God would bless all of our efforts as we seek to advance His Kingdom and Glorify His Name.

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