Worship’s “New Normal”

  • We recognize the need to be extremely cautious and have taken numerous precautions to create a safe environment in which we can worship.  Moreover, we realize that some of you are more at risk and may not feel comfortable attending a worship service at this point.  If that is the case with you, we encourage you to remain at home and worship with us online.  We will continue to live stream our worship service on YouTube. 
  • We encourage you to stay home and worship online if….
    • You or someone in your family is not feeling well – have any symptoms such as temperature, cough, etc.
    • You have been around anyone who is sick
  • Because of the steps we are taking to ensure a safe environment, our worship services have a little different feel – perhaps, not quite as warm and friendly because we are continuing to encourage social distancing.  But be patient.  This will pass and hopefully, we will soon be able to hug and shake hands and enjoy a closeness with each other.
  • We have 2 limited capacity worship services – one at 9:00 am and the other at 10:45 am.  Please plan on arriving 10 minutes early.  To meet social distancing guidelines,  every other row from the auditorium has been removed so we can only accommodate 60-70 people in each service.  
  • We are not requiring people to wear a mask, BUT if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so. 
  • We  ask everyone to enter only through the front door of the building and move straight into the auditorium and be seated.  We encourage you to leave 2 seats between you/your family and others who may come.  
  • After the service one side of the church will leave through the front door and the other side will leave through the side door.  (We will provide directions after the benediction) We ask you to leave the auditorium as soon as the service is over, and then once you are outside, you can visit as much as you would like. 
  • We are cleaning and sanitizing surfaces between the two services.
  • We have a nursery available as well as Kids’ Worship (ages 4-1st grade) during our 10:45 am service ONLY.  Children are welcome in the worship services, and should they become restless or noisy, we have space where a parent can take their child and continue to listen/watch the service online.
We are happy to be coming together for worship – even if our fellowship will be divided into two services for a time! But the day is coming – and we can’t wait! – when we will be able to forget about social distancing and just be able to enjoy close communion and vibrant worship together.

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