We strive for a dynamic worship experience in which the individual is drawn into the presence of the living God resulting in a three-fold response of thanksgiving, praises, and submission
Sunday Morning Worship Services
8:30 am – 9:45 am (onsite)
11:00 am – 12:15 pm (onsite & LIVE Stream on YouTube)
We  have what is often called a “blended service” — a mix of the traditional hymns along with contemporary worship songs.
During the early part of the service, we ask our members and visitors to sign a “registration pad.”  If you are comfortable giving us your address, we would like to drop off a little gift for you in the next couple of days (if local address).    We’d also like to send you an invitation to the next Ministry Presentation Dinner
Some people are surprised when they realize that we do not take up an offering.  We do believe giving is an important part of worship, but we have chosen to provide offering boxes in the rear of the auditorium so that people can give as they feel led to do so.
As a rule, we do not give “invitations” after the sermon, but if the Lord is dealing with you on an issue or speaking to you about your need for a Savior, please feel free to talk with the pastor after the service or call him to schedule an appointment (864-247-3129).  He would love to talk with you.